Arielle Austin

Arielle Austin is an artist dreaming and creating in Austin, Texas.

Initially used as a tool for personal therapy and spiritual connectedness, Austin’s process-based work explores the intimate relationship between subject and viewer with layers, texture, and details. It’s a practice in staying present while resolving abstract plays on color, composition, and texture.

In experimenting with this process, Austin compels the viewer to take a close look - to become intimate with the art, resembling our very own human nature and desire. To be fully seen and known.

Arielle works primarily with acrylic, oil paint, and paper to produce abstract works on canvas while expressing the emotional scape of our transitory existence. From layered oil paintings and vibrant abstraction, Austin believes the viewer can find a part of themselves in each piece.

In addition to refining her own practice, Arielle can also be found leading Abstract painting workshops in Austin, Texas.