Ella Nilsson

Artist Statement:
I'm a Jersey girl, but proud to call Austin my home for the past 10 years.  I have a BA in Fine Art, and also a BS in Criminal Justice/Pre-Law, mostly so I can fact-check Law & Order episodes.  I've learned that I prefer to work in a series, as this gives me parameters and structure to concentrate on and fully explore a concept.  My current series is called "Perspectives: an Introspective Retrospective," and the theme is that you can focus on what's on the outside or choose to learn what's deeper within; often they are quite different.  Aside from people, music is my other vast source of inspiration, which is probably why I married a musician.  When I'm not working on artwork, I enjoy home improvement projects, rooting for the NY Mets, competing in my skee-ball league, laughing and making others laugh, and cats.