Ella Nilsson

Artist Statement:
I’m a Jersey girl, but proud to call Austin my home for over past 10 years. I have a BA in Fine Art, and
also a BS in Criminal Justice/Pre-Law, mostly so I can fact-check Law & Order episodes.  I’ve learned that I
prefer to work in a series, as this gives me parameters and structure to concentrate on and fully explore
a concept.  
Im presently working on three series, which are all about exploring contrast in faces and figures.
My Sea Legs series looks at the combining of the female figure with a variety of sea-worthy vessel, and experiments with scale and nautical themes.  My Dreams series looks at the conscious and subconscious together in one image, the visible and invisible.  My Shadows series, affectionately nicknamed Shady Ladies, examines how cast shadows from hands distort across the contours of the face.   
When I’m not working on artwork, I enjoy home improvement projects, traveling with my husband, competing in my skee-ball league, laughing and making others laugh, and cats.

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