Helen Wheeler-Shaw

Artist Statement

Helen Wheeler-Shaw is a free-spirited New Zealander now living in Texas. Happily painting at her studio on 5 acres in the Texas hill country, Helen finds so much inspiration for her artwork in the birds and wildlife right outside her window.
"I feel that the natural world is a sacred gift to enhance our journey while on this planet.
When I view or paint these magical creatures I feel a deep, soul stirring connection to the essence of the animal and to the source of all creation. I love to research ancient tribes who understood that they were temporary guardians of this earth and all living things were treated with respect. Often I will incorporate elements of ceremonial marks , totems and symbols from their cultures as a way to further display reverence. I have always been driven to create and express myself visually, finding true self expression through exploring many types of media. Equally delighted by the delicate line of a watercolor, the intricate creation of a mixed media piece and the raw, intuitive process of an abstract work, I feel that in embracing all these facets of myself I become one step closer to complete authenticity and creative freedom. "