Seve Garza

Artist Statement

An Austin-raised muralist and street artist, G52 or Severiano Garza, likes to tell stories. Each piece on display has a unique tie into the personal experiences and relationships that Garza has with both his subject matter and his audience. “I take my own photographs because I want to know who or what the person or object is like... the story behind each piece is just as important to me as the cut strokes of the stencils”. With a background in photography and creative software, Garza uses his images to create multiple layer stencils. Each stencil is hand-cut and spray-painted onto a handmade surface. With a strong preference toward reclaimed wood, Garza typically uses pallets to create painting surfaces. When painting in public spaces, Garza tends to focus on the issue of homelessness that is ever-present in downtown Austin. Garza is hoping to individualize homelessness and urge his audience to have a conversation with someone they would otherwise ignore.