Truman Hunt

If you’re too busy to say hello / Don’t forget to breath 

To say hello / He’s a genius  / She’s a hero / Says hi to the tea kettle / it’s on / Don’t forget to breath / Turning on the frequency / You’re the lights on the Christmas tree / Don’t forget to breath / Don’t forget to breath / The mountains we go / Fuzzy fingers Eskimo / Hahahahha ! Aahhhhhh / I forgot about it / It’s the joke / The balancing act / My bad, master / Ohhhhhh / That’s what he’s on about / It’s the chocolate / It’s the magic chocolate / One square / To take you there / But beware / The mirror might stare back  / With the Christmas tree shimmer / Your body is a Frequency / Your body is a Frequency / Challenge me / I get it  / Ohhhhhh / Slow simmer holiday / Ahhhh ohhh ahhh ohh ahhhh / They don’t know now / That’s what it’s about / The airplane man / Soaring on a magic carpet / To the mountains / To the Christmas fountain / It’s the magic man it’s the magic man / Hahahahahahha ahhhhh / Tea is on the kettle / My head is on the moon / I’ve been dancing on the carpet / Fuzzy fingers air balloon / Breathing mountains / Dreaming tree tops / Apple juice sweet lips / Lips I wanna be about / Hold the applause for now / Thank you thank you / you magic beast / you carpet runner / Making it count / Making it / I forgot I went too long / i thought about.. / Undo typing and take me there / I thought about it / How you would take me there / To everywhere / On my magic carpet / Like a salmon up the waterfall without a care / Up up up / To the moon is where / Ohhhh yeaaaa the fields / The prairies / Lullaby merries / If you know what your doin’ / If you know how to mail it / Take it to the post / Make your body prost / Ohhhhh / Ohhhahhhhhhhh / You didn’t know / Well heyyyy put it in a bracket / Make me cause a ruckus / The sleeping swan is among us / Dreaming for the prairies and all the bags of dreams / Roots and trees / Magical boots and wings / Good lovin’ outside at noon / Hope to see a full moon / Ohhhhhh ahhhhhhhh / Breathe easy child Hahahaha / Ahhhh there it is / Letting go again / It’s the airplane man / Can’t get it outta yer hand / I understand / It’s the myths / And the tales / The books on a page with a hook / And a crayon / keys to make your medicine cabinet shiver in its boots / And put a smile on the moon / Not just one but a million though / Here we go / The Japanese know / They were born to know / Ceramic lion lover salt and pepper / And a Midnight owl / The AM howl / The magnet / The games / I didn’t know their names / The love the gloves off / The breathing magenta / Magnificent for hours on up