"To me, Austin Art Garage is Austin" - Kelly J. - Yelp Review

About Us

We’re just two guys that wanted to make it easier to find and purchase original art without entering a world of debt. More specifically, by infusing common sense business and marketing practices, we aim to expose emerging artists while giving customers a no-hassle system to find and purchase a variety of affordable one-of-a-kind art works.

Some people say, “You can’t throw a rock in Austin without hitting an artist.” This statement may not be entirely correct, unless you’re including musicians in this category. The fact remains that Austin is brimming with artistic talent. Creativity, innovation, and a passion for entrepreneurship is our greatest asset as a community and culture.However, many talented artists have been too long overlooked and are struggling to sell their art. Austin Art Garage was created to bring these artists into the spotlight and expose their talents. At ArtGarage.com you can see all prices and varieties of art and select from a wide variety of styles without the sales pressure. If you like an art piece you can buy it online or pick it up at the gallery. Either way, it’s easy and affordable.
Thank you for supporting the Austin art community.


-- Jake & Joel 
Austin Art Garage


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2200 S Lamar Blvd. STE J, Austin Texas 78704
512-351-5934 art@artgarage.com