HELLO my name is FeeBee
A Solo Exhibition of Pop Inspired Artwork
by Phoebe Joynt

Feebee (AKA Phoebe Joynt) is a talented local street artist, designer and illustrator known for her flashy pop urban style. Layering techniques and painting practices developed from hard work and self-progression,  her work is a combination of nostalgic pop-art themes contrasted by bold colors. The result is a balance between appealing aesthetics and free-form street art. Her first solo show is an endeavor to surround the viewer in her own visual space and invite them to share in her creative phase.  

Friday March 20th 6PM-9PM
Austin Art Garage
2200 S Lamar Blvd. Ste J
Austin, TX 78704
Sponsored by: Austin Beerworks