Keep Going - Hunter Ash - 36x48"

  • Artist: Hunter Ash
  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Size: 36 x 48"


Through these pieces I explored what I call Graceful Defiance. (This was originally a series of four, I sold the first painting titled Graceful Defiance.)
These pieces are a representation of my attempt to discover what being defiant in a graceful way looks like. These were born out of a time that was really rough, emotionally, for me. I started to believe lies and feel myself get bogged down by the roles I felt I had to play for others, as well as the standards I had set for myself. As I realized that these things weren't doing any good, I got angry enough to start to defy the things that had been holding me back from feeling freedom. At first, cutting ties with those ideals I'd held onto for so long felt like failure, disappointment and lots of pain. I went through a process of hurting, breaking and healing and expressed it all on these canvases. These are my interpretations of of what it looks like to diffuse disappointments in life, fight through pain in order to keep going, and to emerge from seasons of discomfort as a stronger version of yourself,  fully equipped to endure the heaviness that this world often throws at us. 

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