New Year, New Talent!

January 23, 2014

Us here at AAG wish you all a happy new year! Its always exciting to start the new year off fresh. We have been busy making resolutions for how to make our business thrive. When you come in to visit, you will notice some exciting changes to our space. The gallery was originally part of a lumber yard, which gives us the "Garage" aesthetic. Storage and organization have always been an issue due to the wide open space. We have started the new year off fine tuning our presentation in order for our visitors to have a more streamlined experience. Some of the things we hope you notice are our new track lighting system, and additional wall space for hanging. We also added a beautiful grey wall to offset some of our artists work in a more pronounced way. It is exciting to make some changes to our space to better suit our growing business.These are just a few of the many changes we have planned for the year ahead.

In addition to renovations, we have added a few exciting artists to the mix. We added an emerging sculptor Justin Perreault. Through these demented clay sculptures, he shows the beauty in things that are decaying or falling apart. Another new artist Kelsey Jenkinson is fascinated with bears and bees, having grown up in Alaska where they are part of the landscape. Her paintings are so beautifully detailed that it would be a shame for you to not see one in person. These are our newest artists at Austin Art Garage and we hope that you check them out immediately! Our seasoned artists have also brought in some exciting new artwork to start the new year fresh. Make sure to check our New section on a regular basis so you do not miss out on anything that comes in to the gallery before it is snatched up!

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