Entering the Blogosphere

July 26, 2013

Along with this new, amazing, clean and beautiful website we will be blogging! Yes folks, that means that we are super late in the game. I know. So for one of our first posts I thought that I would highlight some of our talented artists that are either new to or have been blogging for a few years. Lucky for us, we can look to them as mentors as we enter into the blogosphere.

Some of the "tried and true" blogging artists of the AAG family include:

Graham Franciose:
(blogging since 2007) Grahams blog is titled The Art of Graham Franciose, Now in Blog Form. Graham gives a great behind the scenes look at his process.

Danny Phillips:
(blogging since 2010) with a blog appropriately titled Danny Phillips Art. You can check out his beachy, colorful, mixed media collage works  here.

Brian Imler:
(blogging since 2011) Brian's blog is The Artwork of Imler. If you are interested in Illustration, graphic design as well as handmade drawings then this blog is for you.

Bloggers as of 2013:

Judy Paul:
Judy's blog Show your Work shows what’s happening in and out of her studio. Judy is one of the largest production artists that has work at AAG with an art club for kids on the side!

Gabe Langholtz:
Gabe just started his blog Outsider Looking In this past month. This blog is a nice reflection on the art world and its personalities, expectations, subjectivity etc.

Dawn Winters:
Dawn has a blog titled Uncovering the layers. She chronicles her career as an abstract painter here.

I hope that you are all as amazed as I was to see how many great Art blogs you were missing out on. Now that you have been educated, make sure to subscribe to your favorite artist's blog! Thanks for supporting local artists!
- Katie

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