Ahn Hee Strain

Ahn Hee Strain is an abstract painter based in Austin.

She has a BFA in graphic design and MPS in Art therapy. While living previously in NYC, Ahn Hee worked for eight years as an Art Therapist providing art therapy to trauma survivors, including women veterans and at-risk youth. Through her work, Ahn Hee recognized how trauma works within the body and grasped a better understanding of how stagnant energy can be better released. Ahn Hee has taken her experiences and reflects now on her own creative journey and how art can not only heal oneself but others in her community. 

Ahn Hee's newer pieces are meant to display movement, healing recovery, warming and calming energy that is free. Her artwork is meant to capture the feeling and moment without destination or end point. An unbound story or an experience, kinetic dance and/or the element of water, which is a neutralizer of our body, are huge influences. Just as energy shifts and turns, Ahn Hee trusts her creative process to evolve along side.

Follow Ahn Hee's Creative Journey at @artfulpeaks