Lorelei Linklater

Born in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Lorelei Linklater is a multi-media artist currently based in Austin, TX. She received a BFA in painting from California College of the Arts in 2015. Her post-graduate work powerfully explores themes of urban isolation, time, memory and the unknown. While living in California she started painting urban landscapes that evoke the effects of the passage of time on our man-made environments. Using isolated light sources in scenes void of human presence, her cityscapes are desolate, eerie and emotionally charged. 

 Lorelei’s painting technique echoes the layers of time, human endeavor, and decay that her paintings depict. Her surfaces are multi-layered. She often builds up a surface only to sand it down again. She is fixated on light and perspective and combines a realist technique with textured brush-strokes and multi-media elements. The resulting images are complex, thematically and stylistically representing both the beauty and the fleeting nature of our human experience.